We are a research startup specializing in Speech-Vision AI technology, focused on developing an innovative dubbing solution for global media and entertainment groups.
Our mission is to break down language barriers and unlock the boundless value of media content across borders.


  • 23.07

    W-Startup Best Award (Ministry of SMEs of Korea)

  • 23.06

    CJ Oventus Program Selection

  • 23.05

    World's first AI-powered dubbing for feature film on SK Broadbands' Btv.

  • 22.12

    Seed Funding

  • 22.10

    Media Innovation Day Best Award (Ministry of Science and ICT of Korea)

  • 22.10

    KT AI Idea Competition 1st Prize Winner

  • 22.08

    SKT True Innovation Program Selection

  • 22.06

    Founding of Hudson AI

Call for members of TEAM Hudson

- People who want to be pioneers in the media, entertainment industry.

- People who are passionate about creating and implementing new things.